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Satisfyer Advent Calendar 2023 Premium


-40% Ilmainen toimitus
Varastossa, 2-3 päivän toimitus
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Vesipohjainen liukuvoide
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Kukaan ei saa tietää, sillä paketit eivät kiinnitä kenenkään huomiota, niissä ei ole logoja tai lähettäjän nimeä.
2-3 päivän nopea toimitus ennen klo 15 tehdyt tilaukset lähetetään samana päivänä.

Satisfyer Advent Calendar 2023 Premium

- Suosittu adventtikalenteri

- Täydellinen lahja

- Miehelle ja naiselle

- Ylellinen ja huomaamaton laatikko

- Edullinen paketti pareille

Dive into the magical world of the Satisfyer Advent Calendar Premium 2023 and let yourself be enchanted by 24 exciting surprises! This erotic advent calendar is a true feast for the senses for all people, relationship statuses, genders and people who love the sexy Christmas season as much as we do. Each door holds a magical surprise from your favorite categories that will make your heart beat faster: In total, you will find products worth 900€ in this luxurious advent calendar. Get carried away by the festive atmosphere and enjoy the playful moments as you unveil a new exciting secret day after day.

Interactive, vibrating or especially cuddly - behind each door of the Advent calendar for couples hides a seductive surprise with which you can lovingly caress or playfully challenge each other. In any case, this pre-Christmas season will ignite a fire of passion in you. Let yourself be enchanted by the sensual surprises and enjoy shared moments full of intimacy and lust.

Note before use: Box number three contains a butt plug with a small base, be careful when using this plug. Pay attention as the plug can go further into the body if you are not careful.


Satisfyer Little Secret Connect App

• discreet & portable

• vibration from gentle to intense

• controllable with and without free app

• own vibration rhythms can be created

• waterproof (IPX7) for enjoyment in the bathtub

The innovative talent convinces with its modern mobile app control via the free Satisfyer Connect app via Bluetooth. Awarded as the best mobile app at the CES electronics trade fair, the Satisfyer Connect app offers 100% data security, a vibration designer, a remote control function and many other advantages so that you can enjoy your pleasure carefree. Packaged in elegant black, the innovative Little Secret slip vibrator ensures sensual hours at any time of the year - even on the go. Because the Little Secret can be easily attached to the panties and thus discreetly spice up any Christmas market visit.

Satisfyer Pro+ G-Spot

• 2:1 - pressure waves and vibration

• Pressure wave vibration from gentle to intense

• Programs can be controlled separately

• 2 powerful motors & waterproof (IPX7)

Happiness is known to double when shared. With the Satisfyer 'Pro+ G-Spot', this is the program, because with this toy, your clitoris and your G-spot are pampered at the same time - between the sheets or under water. The 2:1 pressure waves and vibration bring variety into your love life.

Satisfyer Masturbator Egg for Men

• extremely stretchable for maximum pleasure

• exciting structure for pleasurable stimulation

• no lubricant necessary thanks to innovative material

With its stimulation nubs and flexible, cuddly material, the Satisfyer Masturbator Egg will give him moments of absolute ecstasy. The material is particularly stretchy, which allows both the glans and the entire penis to be stimulated. Thanks to the innovative, hydroactive TPE, no lubricant is necessary - a little water is enough to make your wildest fantasies come true.

Penthouse Lingerie

• sensual body devil's advocate

• figure-flattering in one size S-L

• high wearing comfort thanks to high-quality materials

• revealing bodystocking Body Search with wow effect

Let yourself be seduced by the seductive selection of exquisite Penthouse lingerie, because with these noble pieces your sweetheart will not only want to snack on Christmas cookies. Not only the fireplace makes the passion crackle, but also the seductive body 'Devil's advocate', which captivates with soft lace and sexy cut outs.

In the coarse-meshed bodystocking 'Body Search' everyone goes to you in the net. The lingerie leaves no room for interpretation and reveals to your darling everything you have to offer. Thanks to the spaghetti straps it fits perfectly and the sexy square neckline additionally emphasizes the collarbone.

Drugstore products for more fun during sex Of course, high-quality lubricants and massage oils that sensually round off your love play should not be missing from the calendar.

Massage oils

• perfect for erotic massages

• pleasant, christmassy scent

• caressingly soft skin thanks to nourishing ingredients

Orgasm gel

• long-lasting lubrication

• stain-free thanks to water base

• suitable for all toys & condoms

• more intense orgasms thanks to stimulating ingredients

Anal Relax Fluid

• ideal for use with toys

• lightly anesthetizing for relaxed anal pleasure

The Satisfyer Premium Advent Calendar ensures that you will be spoiled with erotic and first-class surprises every day. Whether you open the doors as a couple or as a single, you will surely discover your new favorite toys among the vibrators, anal toys and BDSM toys. This advent calendar leaves nothing to be desired and offers everyone the opportunity to make new sensual experiences.

The Satisfyer Premium Advent Calendar is the ideal gift idea for your sweetheart or yourself. Available now, it is delivered quickly, free of charge and discreetly. Let yourself be infected by our mood and order the Premium Advent Calendar today to look forward to a sensual Christmas season full of surprises!

- Satisfyer 'Little Secret Connect App'

- Satisfyer 'Pro + G-Spot', 22,5 cm

- Satisfyer 'Cutie Heart'

- SF Masturbator Egg

- G-Spot vibrator, black

- Devil's Advocate

- Heart of Glass, 17,5 cm

- Body Search

- Silicone bullet – cute reindeer shape, 9 cm

- Water-based anal relaxation fluid

- Finger Vibrator

- Petite Anal Dildo, 7,5 cm

- Water-based orgasm gel

- Rhinestone body chain, silver

- Silicone anal beads, 24 cm

- Deluxe Bondage Tape

- Square paddle

- Penis sleeve with cutout

- Massage candle

- Nipple clamps with three-tier chain

- Silicone penis ring – set of 2

- Massage oil

- Lay-on vibrator with silicone bullet, 13 cm

- Delay Spray


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