Satisfyer Pro 2 + Pro Traveler



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Om Satisfyer Pro 2 + Pro Traveler

- Edullinen paketti klitoriksen stimulointiin

- Ilmanpainetoiminto

- Stimuloi klitorista

- Myydyin tuote

- Matkustukseen sopiva, huomaamaton muotoilu kannella

Satisfyer Satisfyer Pro 2 Next Generation
<p>Klassisessa ja tyylikkäässä Pro 2 -laitteessa käytetään ensimmäistä kertaa paineaaltoteknologiaamme, jonka tarkoituksena on kiihdyttää klitoriksesi puhtaaseen autuuteen. Pro 2 -laitteessa on erittäin hiljainen moottori ja pehmeä silikonipää, joten se luo tunnelman voidaksesi saavuttaa haluamasi huipun.<br></p><p>Stimuloi klitorista voimakkaiden paineaaltojen avulla ilman suoraa kosketusta.<br></p><p>Valmistettu erittäin pehmeästä, ihoystävällisestä, lääketieteellisen tason silikonista, joka on pehmeä koskettaa ja erittäin hygieeninen.<br></p><p>Tätä lelua voidaan käyttää vedenpitävän (IPX7) viimeistelynsä ansiosta turvallisesti vedessä, ja lelu on helppo puhdistaa.<br></p><p><br></p><ul><li>11 ohjelmaa</li><li>Vesitiivis IPX7</li><li>Helppo puhdistaa</li><li>15&nbsp; vuoden takuu</li><li>Kuiskauksen hiljainen toiminto</li><li>Ihoystävällistä silikoni</li><li>Litiumioniakku</li><li>Sisältää USB-magneettilatauskaapelin</li><li>Satisfyer pro 2 Next Generation</li></ul>

Satisfyer Pro Traveler

The elegant travel companion to the land of multiple orgasms.

Whether you’re a globetrotter or happy at home: the practical cap has a magnetic closure, making your pleasure pal a discreet and hygienic companion. Thanks to its compact size, the Satisfyer Pro Traveler can be swiftly slipped into your bag. Thanks to its elegant design and breathtaking internal technology, it is a lifestyle product that no toy collection should be without.

This handy pressure wave vibrator enables multiple orgasms through contactless stimulation. 11 beguiling settings allow this lay-on vibrator to stimulate your love bead with every kind of pressure wave, from tender to powerful, depending on your mood. The intuitive controls enable you to switch up and down between intensities, providing maximum individual pleasure. The powerful motor is nevertheless very quiet, ensuring that your journey to seventh heaven is discreet and inconspicuous. The extraordinary stimulation is particularly exciting underwater, so don’t forget to try out your waterproof Satisfyer Pro Traveler in the bath!

Magnetic closure

11 quiet pressure wave settings

Ideal for when you’re out and about

Waterproof and skin-friendly

Rechargeable, USB charging cable included

Wherever your travels take you: this handy gem is at your side, providing intense orgasms that are truly on another level. New York, Tokyo or even Gütersloh - the impressive pressure wave technology ensures that you “get there”, wherever you are, and don’t have to miss out on your deeply relaxing highs. Do you prefer to keep your erotic games on home turf? No problem, this charming companion will take you on a sensual journey to the land of multiple orgasms.

The interior and the ring which fits snugly around your clitoris are made of skin-friendly silicone, offering a flat, frictionless surface. Intensify your pleasure sensations even further by using a water-based lubricant. The integrated rechargeable battery in the Satisfyer Pro Traveler offers environmentally friendly recharging. If you want to charge your toy via a mains plug, the magnetic USB cable (included) can be supplemented with a standard 5V plug. The skin-friendly silicone is extremely easy to clean. Simply wash the toy with lukewarm water and a little soap. Finish off with a couple of sprays of disinfectant toy cleaner to ensure especially thorough hygiene.


Silicone / ABS


10 x 5 x 4 cm


Black - Gold








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